Cali Sevenfold | 9111 | Polished/Milled | 20 | 22 | 24

Finish: Polished/Milled

Size: 20, 22, & 24″

Bolt Pattern: 5×127 | 6×135 | 6×139.7 | 8×165.1 | 8×170


Sevenfold wheels – New from Cali Off-Road! The story is slightly psychotic. Somewhat sinister. Considerably awesome. And so a brand was born. Cali Off-Road Wheels pushes boundaries and takes you places no one would dare go before. Pristine styling and radical sizing with the chops to handle every single terrain, period. Advanced construction delivers the strongest wheels with the highest load ratings in the industry, fact! Using the most progressive finishes in the industry, the look and feel of your wheels will remain as menacing as the day you installed them. Made for looks? Obviously. Made for performance? Unmistakably. Cali Off-Road; raising traditions.

2 Replies to “Cali Sevenfold | 9111 | Polished/Milled | 20 | 22 | 24”

  1. hi
    my name is reidwaan from south africa looking to buy a set of wheels
    cali sevenfold 9111 polished
    2off 20inch
    2off 22inch

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