Rocket Fire | As Cast | Gray Painted/Machined | 16 | 18


**Priced w/o optional lug cover**

Bolt Pattern: 5 Lug



Gray Painted Center with Machined Rib and Outer
Full As Cast

Available Sizes 16×5 | 18×6

Run Rocket Fire wheels with or without our optional Painted or Polished Lug Covers and Vintage Knockoffs.

The Fire and Solid wheel does not include a center cap.

We have designed the wheel to accept Bullet Caps, Rocket Dome Caps, Lug Covers and Knockoffs.

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As Cast, Painted/Machined


16×5 (2.375" BS), 18×6 (2.875" BS)

Bolt Pattern

5×4.5/5×114.3, 5×4.75/5×120.65, 5×5.5/5×139.7, 5×5/5×127

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