Rocket Solid | As Cast | Full Machined | 16 | 18 **Priced w/o optional lug cover**


Full Machined | As Cast

Available Size:
16×5 | 18×6

Bolt Pattern: | 5×4.5/114.3 | 5×4.75/120.65 | 5×5.5/139.7 | 5×5/127



The lighter weight six pin replaced the outdated wire-laced wheels of the 1920’s and became as much of an icon as the Offy engine. Introducing the latest addition to the Rocket Racing Wheels arsenal, the Solid Rocket. Inspired by the iconic Indy Roadster wheels, the Solid Rocket features the same classic six pin smooth solid design, durable high-tech aluminum construction at an incredible price point. Originally, six pin wheels were held on by a pressure plate and knockoff. The Rocket Fire and Solid re-creates the original pressure plate and knockoff attachment but with the capability of a 5-lug bolt on.

The beauty of the 16×5 size is it fits the majority of all 16″ vintage tires. From the short skinny 500-16 up to the tall 825-16 tire sizes! Mix and Match the Rocket Fire and Solid Rocket with tall, skinny vintage tires to your traditional hot rod or open wheel roadster, and you’ve got the ultimate Indy look!

The Solid Rocket is available in Full Machined or Full As Cast finish. Add our Custom RPM7 powder coat to replicate the classic, magnesium DOW7 finish of the 1960’s. Each Solid Rocket wheel is precision-crafted from A356 aluminum. The Rocket Fire and Solid are both 5-Lug Bolt-on wheels and utilize conical seat open end lugs. Run them with or without our optional Painted or Polished Lug Covers and Vintage Knockoffs. As priced below, the Fire and Solid wheel series do not include any center cap. However, we have designed the wheel to accept Bullet Caps, Rocket Dome Caps, Lug Covers and Knockoffs.


Additional information


As Cast, Full Machined


16×5 (1.875" BS), 18×6 (2.375" BS)

Bolt Pattern

5×4.5/114.3, 5×4.75/120.65, 5×5.5/139.7, 5×5/127

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