Rocket Sunburst | Hyper Shot | 15


Finish: Hyper Shot

Available Sizes: 15×7 | 15×8



Cobra was one of the performance iconic cars of the 20th century. While the Sunburst classic turbine style wheels were only in production a very short while, even today they are highly sought after, fetching thousands of dollars for a single set.

The hub area is perfectly framed with what appears to be the fairing of a jet engine of an airplane and spokes that look like fins of a turbine.

The recessed lug holes with utilization of our special black anodized spline-drive lugs, successfully creates the appearance of pin-drive style wheel.

The NEW Rocket Sunburst available with fitments for Classic Cobras and Classic Muscle Cars of the 1960’s and 1970’s.


Additional information


Hyper Shot


15×7 +0mm offset (4" BS), 15×8 -19mm (3.75" BS), 15×8 +0mm offset (4.5" BS)

Bolt Pattern

5×4.5/114.3, 5×4.75/120.65

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